Richard Branson

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"The face, spirit, and entrepreneurial mastermind behind Virgin, one of the worlds most dynamic brands, Richard Branson is known for his unique vision, competitive style, and showy nature not only in business, but in all aspects of life.

A global entrepreneur by every definition of the term, Branson, who has grown Virgin Group, Ltd. to include over 360 companies, is credited as the worlds greatest brand building visionary in recent history. From Virgin Records, which he recently sold for an astonishing $1 billion, to Virgin Mobile USA, the fastest growing company in history to reach $1 billion in revenue, the business tycoon has extensively developed his brand in all areas of entertainment, lifestyle, and travel. Distributed by Tubemogul."

Richard Branson's words of Wisdom

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Richard Branson of the Virgin Group Limited speaking at the Clinton Global Initiative. "We must not be the generation for irreversibly damaging the environment." We "must wean ourselves off coal and fossil fuels." "Our generation has the knowledge, the financial resources, and as important it has the will power to do so."

With commited people like Mr. Branson leading the way, businesses will join with governments and make radical Shifts in the way things are done. It has begun and will grow exponentially. We can clean up and green up, while creating jobs and profits for companies. Many are realizing that without an environment that is sustainable, our stock, gold and jobs will all be worthless

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